CF24 Jiu Jitsu is a premium Jiu Jitsu school in Cardiff and Swansea

We offer the highest level of instruction with classes that cater to all levels of experience from casual hobbyists to serious competitors.



Your first two weeks at CF24 Jiu Jitsu is absolutely free.

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  • stars_5_yellow Home  Great Coaching excellent atmosphere a privilege to be able to train there

    picture?width=60&height=60 Home Mark Lynch
  • stars_5_yellow Home  This place has been helping fix bad habits and push my game further and further on! Coaches take a keen interest in all of our developments and it's a warm and friendly environment to train in 🙂

    picture?width=60&height=60 Home Farhan Nafis Hussain
  • stars_5_yellow Home  Can't praise this type of beginners course highly enough. The structure of the classes excellent, staring with BJJ specific warm ups then on to some of the best instruction I've had. Bry, Omied and Ffion have a knack of breaking down technical aspects of Brazilian Jiu Jutsu into relatively simple lessons but more importantly WHY you're trying to get into a certain position rather than just how you do it. Expect to do extra curricular learning as these guys have so much knowledge and technique you'll get hooked within the first week and will want to know even more before the next class.... queue the unlimited access classes! Take full advantage of these. Rolling with higher level belts is the best way to learn and progress. When rolling with higher belts you realise no one is tryin to break your limbs, put you to sleep or do damage to you. You realise you can try and practice your newly leant techniques on a more skilled friend that will let you know where you could probably improve and will definitely let you know when you're getting too good at them!!! All in all you'll get expert tuition by a World champion, a TUF invitee finalist and some of the best modern instruction in BJJ, an excellent GI, unlimited training with some of the best UK competitors for £70? Get involved people!

    picture?width=60&height=60 Home Mark Williams
  • stars_5_yellow Home  Bryn and Ffion are both incredible teachers and competitors. Both are extremely friendly and their love for jiu jitsu is obvious and very infectious. I'd happily recommend CF24 to anybody looking to get into jiu jitsu whether for fun or for competitive reasons!

    picture?width=60&height=60 Home Ian Featherstone
  • stars_5_yellow Home  amazing classes with great feedback from coaches

    picture?width=60&height=60 Home Dariusz Krak
  • stars_5_yellow Home  An incredibly welcoming club for visitors. Bryn, Ffion and Omied have something very special here. 🙂

    picture?width=60&height=60 Home Emma Pursey
  • stars_5_yellow Home  CF//24’s Beginners course totally transformed my approach to Jiu Jitsu. Anyone who takes up Jiu Jitsu will be all to familiar with the experience of feeling completely helpless as a more experienced roller slowly and effortlessly bypasses all your defences and proceeds to peel you apart as if by using some Jedi mind trick. Likewise anyone will know the feeling of finally managing to get to a dominant position, whether by design or by chance, only to find yourself completely cluesless as to how to proceed. By incorporating simple, generalised ideas from the course I now feel I have tools that I can use in any situation, against any opponent and I have clear methods of how to defend myself and how to attack. Rather than finding myself wracking my brain for some specific move I have learned, and getting my butt kicked whilst I’m wasting time in the process, I now have basic techniques I can turn to and I feel more fluid and dynamic as a result and I feel my Jiu Jitsu has improved immesureably. CF//24’s team take a fundamentally difference approach to any other gym I have been to and this is especially evident in the Beginners Course. The team have clearly spent a lot of time and effort deconstructing the mechanics of BJJ at a fundamental level to extrapolate key elements which are applicable across all levels and which form the foundations of any strong Jui Jitsu game. The Beginners course focuses heavily on the key concepts involved in defending yourself from attack, escaping from losing positions and controlling and manipulating your opponents body by looking at concepts like lines of defence, the use of space, the application of leverage and pressure and a whole lot more. Bryn, Omied and Ffion are genuinely passionate about teaching and helping people grow and develop their BJJ. The course has the feel of a private lesson with great explanation and disscussion throughout and loads of time to ask questions and pick the brains of the instructors. Handy print outs of everything covered are provided so you can review everything at home. Nothing is too much trouble for these guys and they are very generous with their time. In short, I can’t imagine a better way to begin you BJJ journey and get a strong foundation on which to build. The course is more than worth the cost for the tuition alone. Throw in a Gi and a Months Training and you really can’t go wrong!

    picture?width=60&height=60 Home Steve Street
  • stars_5_yellow Home  The Beginners course for CF24 is absolutely awesome. The classes are focused and teach you the basic fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, whilst still maintaining an incredibly friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The teaching style of Bryn and Omied is also refreshing, because rather than just saying "go and practice this", they give an in depth explanation as to why the aspect of Jiu Jitsu which is being studied is important. They'll also help if you're struggling with any techniques during the lesson, and are genuinely trying to improve you. As the classes progressed I could feel the improvement in my rolling as Bryn and Omied's tutelage had allowed me to realise when an opponent was over committing their weight, and how to take advantage of it, which I never would've figured out otherwise. As well as how to deal with some sticky situations. During the time when my beginners course was running, a lesson had to be cancelled and the CF24 crew showed their good character by adding an extra week of free training and adding an extra beginners lesson, which was really appreciated. You also can't fault the value of the beginners course. To get a gi, a month's unlimited training, and 4 (or in my case 5) beginners classes for £70 is an absolute steal, since a gi usually costs about £70 on its own. They also run women's only classes with Ffion teaching so if you're repping the xx chromosomes and dont fancy grappling with a bunch of men, their's still no excuse not to go. Best time I've had doing exercise in years, you should join.

    picture?width=60&height=60 Home Daniel Richards
  • stars_5_yellow Home  After training for a month (which included the Beginner Course) at CF24 Jiu Jitsu, I am very impressed with everything I have seen and experienced at the school. The Beginner Course does a great job of introducing fundamental strategies, movements and concepts in BJJ and I would highly recommend it to anyone new to the sport, as well as those (such as myself) who have some previous experience but wish to gain a good foundation. Regular sessions are well planned and follow a clear systematic progression between sessions, with successive sessions working through a consecutive series of positions and techniques to give a deep understanding of a particular area. Techniques are demonstrated and explained clearly by the coaches and any questions from students are addressed. The atmosphere at CF24 is positive and friendly; people of a large range of abilities train, but there are no egos or overly aggressive members as can be a fear for people starting in a martial art. Finally and perhaps most importantly, the coaches at CF24 are top class. They are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about BJJ, with competitive success at the highest levels. Every time I have asked why a technique is performed a certain way I have received detailed, well thought out answers which illistrate the impressive extent of the coaches' experience in BJJ. From my time at the club, I can't recommend it highly enough. If you are in Cardiff and want to get sweaty, roll around and choke people, CF24 is the place.

    picture?width=60&height=60 Home David Alexander Crole
  • stars_5_yellow Home  Wow what a hidden gem I found here!! I came here as a traveller passing through on some buisness duty. Beautiful little gym with an amazing brown belt coach/owner who has great organisation to his classes and a whopping 2 hour minimum session!! Treated me like royalty. I learned a ton in one session here. All of it was true fundamental BJJ, the real stuff!! Thank you for showing me some details on finishing the arm triangle. I have already put it to great use 😉 if im back i would love to grab a private lesson. 10/10 coaching and beautiful gym/people P.s cardiff is a wild night out.

    picture?width=60&height=60 Home Daniel Johnson


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Our aim is to develop a culture of learning, hard work and hard training.

We focus on teaching a complete and overall understanding of what makes Jiu Jitsu work, enabling our students to understand the ‘why’ of each position.

By building an understanding of the underlying principles and concepts of jiu jitsu our students will be empowered with the freedom to then creatively develop their own style, and take charge of their own training.

Beginners' Programme

Designed to provide a solid foundation of Jiu Jitsu with basic theory, key concepts and principles.

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Covering the key concepts, principles and techniques of jiu jitsu with both gi and no gi classes


Everything from specific competition strategy to advanced concepts and techniques to test you and help take your Jiu Jitsu game all the way to black belt.

Women only

An opportunity for female students to sharpen their skills with other female practitioners.

CF24 Lions - Junior Programme

Lion Cubs, Little Lions and Young Lions programmes

Kids BJJ classes for ages ranging from 4 to 15 years old


Where you will get the opportunity to put all your training into practice.


Wrestling classes with commonwealth silver medallist, coach Kane Charig.


Learn the art of throwing with our Judo sessions


Combine takedowns, submission wrestling and striking in our MMA classes

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