"From strong roots grow beautiful leaves"

The emphasis of the course is on the fundamental principles and concepts that you need to build a solid foundation in Jiu Jitsu. The course is the perfect way to start your jiu jitsu journey and will give you the grounding you need for the intermediate sessions.

Our beginners foundation programme runs on a 5 week cycle and can be joined at anytime. There are 2 classes per week, making a total of 10 sessions.

These sessions will be run on Mondays at 6pm and Thursdays at 6pm and will cover a different topic each session.

The programme follows our Chess Method (our method of categorising Jiu Jitsu) which breaks down the phases of Jiu Jitsu into 4 key areas:

The Opening - Takedowns and Guard Pulling

The Middle Game - Guard Passing and Guard

The End Game - Attacks and defence

Check mate - Submissions

Each week of the programme cycle will cover a distinct area within the Chess Method broken down over the 2 classes.

The goal of the programme is to give you a toolkit of concepts and principles to shape your approach to learning Jiu Jitsu and a framework of techniques on which to build your game.

Payment options

You can start the programme at any time and there are 3 options for payment:

Class passes - Day pass or 5 class pass

Gold or Silver monthly membership

Beginners' Starter Deal


The Beginners' Starter Deal

10 Beginners' Classes

The course will consist of 10 taught classes dedicated to the fundamentals of jiu jitsu.

One Month of Unlimited Training

In addition to the 10 beginners classes the best way to improve your jiu jitsu is to attend the regular classes.

50% Off Your First Month of Membership

Once you've completed the beginners programme you get your first month of membership half price when you sign up for the Gold package by direct debit.

New Kingz Gi
You will get a new gi! The gi is an amazing training tool and is an essential item for your development.
30% Discount on Kingz Gear
You will get 30% discount on any Kingz gear

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All this for only


There is no better way to get started in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Get in touch via our Facebook page or enquire at the club if you have any questions.