Our wrestling beginners course consists of 4 specific beginners classes dedicated to teaching you the fundamentals of freestyle wrestling.

The Beginners' Wrestling Course has been designed to give you a solid foundation in a dynamic art which is an essential component for any grapplers development.

wrestleslide-1024x404 Beginners' Wrestling


Each week of the course will cover a distinct area of wrestling with the goal of the course to give you a toolkit of concepts and principles to shape your approach to learning wrestling and a framework of techniques on which to build your game.


Course outcomes


You will focus on the fundamental principles needed to build a solid foundation in wrestling. The ability to problem solve when confronted with new techniques and situations will be  invaluable to your progression.


The course curriculum has been designed to give you a framework of techniques upon which you will be able to build your game.

There is no better way to get started in Wrestling.

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