A game of throws

Judo is a dynamic martial art that is great for self defence or as a combat sport.  The impetus of judo is to throw your opponent onto their back from a standing position. This game of throws also has elements of ground work (newaza) and submissons.

The art of Judo is an essential component for anyone looking to develop a complete and rounded martial arts skill set. Due to their shared ancestry, BJJ and Judo are often described as "two sides of the same coin” and there is much to gain from training both arts; as each is a perfect compliment to the other.

Beyond the development of physical prowess and athletic ability, judo students learn values of perseverance, respect, loyalty, and discipline.

CF24 Judo is a BJA registered club and we offer a full judo programme to compliment our successful BJJ programme.


CF24 Judo Programme

Taught Classes

Learn the skills and principles required to be an effective and knowledgeable judoka.


In addition to the taught classes the best way to improve your judo is hone your techniques during live sparring sessions, known in judo as randori.

Judo Licence

After an initial 'taster' period of 4 sessions, you will be required to have a valid BJA / WJA judo licence. This gives you comprehensive public liability and personal accident insurance for all judo  activity.


All gradings follow the BJA / WJA grading syllabus. Full details can be found here - BJA grading syllabus

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Our goal at CF24 Judo is to develop well rounded grapplers that not only participate in the art, but are also students of it. It is our belief that through our philosophy of focussed learning, hard work and hard training, we can develop students that can compete at the highest levels of the sport while still being a value to their community.

Payment options

You can start our judo programme at any time and there are 3 options for payment:

Individual sessions - £5 per class

Gold or Silver monthly membership

New starter package

Get in touch via our Facebook page or enquire at the club if you have any questions.