For the Pride

The CF24 Lions Programme is a great way for your young ones to build confidence, develop physical and mental well being and become part of a successful team.

We aim to improve our juniors by developing them technically, tactically, physically, and socially.

We have kids BJJ sessions suitable for ages 4 to 15, with our Lion Cubs (4 to 8 yrs old) and Young Lions (9 to 15 yrs old) classes.


Our clubs philosophy is delivered by coaches who have vast martial arts experience across multiple disciplines.

We are dedicated to developing good people as well as good martial artists. We have a clear goal to better educate boys and girls, who not only participate in the art, but are also students of it.

The Benefits of our Junior Programmes

Have fun

Our number 1 priority!

With sessions jam packed with games and physical activities our Young Lions Programme is both physically and mentally engaging.


We follow the BJJ grading system.

Our curriculum includes ground work, throwing techniques and elements of mixed martial arts. 

 BJJ belt system

Build confidence

Confident kids, are happy kids!

Martial arts is a great tool for developing self confidence and has many benefits for good mental health. Whether it be learning self control, dealing with uncomfortable situations or being part of a team, your kids will gain a deep understanding of themselves and their potential.


Healthy body and mind

As well as increasing physical fitness martial arts is a great tool for promoting good mental health and can also boost brain cognition too. Benefits include improved attention span, reduced aggression, greater stress management, enhanced emotional well-being and improved memory.

Five brain-boosting reasons to take up martial arts


Our Young Lions Programme will empower our juniors to respect others, avoid physical confrontations and deal with challenging situations. This coupled with a new found confidence will ensure healthy, happy students in all aspects of life.

Qualified coaches

We are a UK Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Association (UKBJJA) registered school.

All our coaches are experienced martial artists with all relevant insurances and DBS checks.